Policy and Advocacy

CMSA takes responsible approach to policy and advocacy by launching evidence based statements on local regional and national policy on homelessness. Our leaders are active participants of Warsaw Council for the Homeless. Adriana Porowska has been elected a President of this local platform for second term. She is a member of the Social Council of the Ombudsmen, as well. CMSA takes part in many consultations of legal acts which regulate national policy on homelessness e.g. Act on the Rights of Tenants, National Programme “Homeless People Return to Society”. In 2012 CMSA adapted an Advocacy Strategy based on three pillars: research networking and transparency Among goals for 2012 were fostering cooperation in Mazovia Voivodship by Local Seminars of Stakeholders and improving access to health services for the homeless. In the nearest future we plan to concentrate on creating “pro-housing-first” dynamic in our environment.

More information: Julia Wygnańska, julkiw@yahoo.com